Call to the National People’s Army Command

Our country is going through critical times that require everyone, including political forces, civil society, the administration and the army, to think seriously, with the supreme interest of Algeria in mind, in order to find real solutions to the deadlock facing the country since the 22nd of February uprising. If not addressed as soon as possible, it may threaten the very existence of our State.

The current Command of the National People’s Army, which exercises effective power in Algeria, is facing a real test and has only two options.

Either to participate resolutely and genuinely in the process of democratic transitioning and civilianising the state, thereby enshrining the principle that « the people are the source of all power and the holder of the constituent power », as provided for in articles 7 and 8 of the Algerian Constitution. In this case, we shall all endeavour with all our strength to achieve such aims, and the leadership of the National People’s Army will leave its name in the honorary record of the history of Algeria.

Or else to keep prevaricating in order to cling to power, thus following the path of its predecessors, which have dominated the political system since independence and led the country to its current disastrous situation, thereby deserving the curse of the people and history.

The Rachad Movement believes that the participation of the National People Army in the democratic transition is necessary to ensure its continuity, unity and effectiveness, and as a legitimate partner in the political debate on national defence and security issues.

On the basis of the roadmap proposed previously on the 2nd of April 2019 (, Rachad calls on the Command of National People Army to fulfil the demands of the people and to commit to the following:

• Call for an inclusive National Dialogue Conference;

• This call must come directly from the army leadership and not by any other third party;

• Set a single goal for the National Dialogue Conference, i.e. discussing the modalities of the transition process: how to choose who leads it, how long it should last, and what issues should be settled within a defined timeframe;

• Ensure that the National Dialogue Conference does not exclude any of the representatives of the protest movement (Harak) and of the political and social forces with popular representation;

• Delegate army representatives to participate in the National Dialogue Conference;

• Pledge of the National People’s Army Command to respect the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference;

• Dismissal of the Badoui government before the beginning of the National Dialogue Conference and appointment of a prime minister widely accepted by the Algerian people and who will put in place an interim government able to manage the day-to-day affairs of the State;

• The prior announcement that the Head of State will resign immediately after the completion of the National Dialogue Conference.

We hope that Command of National People Army will respond to this appeal in order to spare Algeria the dangers of the deadlock, and to contribute to the building of a truly democratic republic based on the principles set out in the Declaration of November 54, which outlined the civilian nature of state.

Rachad Movement

May 19, 2019